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What is intelligent manufacturing? What is industry 4.0?

2018/5/21 15:48:44

Industry is 4.0 in recent years, global industry continues to focus on hot topics, to preempt the manufacturing development under the new situation of the strategic high ground, issued a "made in China 2025" in our country, and intelligent m…

 Industry is 4.0 in recent years, global industry continues to focus on hot topics, to preempt the manufacturing development under the new situation of the strategic high ground, issued a "made in China 2025" in our country, and intelligent manufacturing as the main direction.

Currently, intelligent manufacturing is a hot topic. What is intelligent manufacturing?

How should this concept be understood?

First, explain the concept of manufacturing, which is the object of intelligent manufacturing.

Manufacturing is the general term for the processing or reprocessing of raw materials (extractive products and agricultural products) and the assembly of parts.

The manufacturing process can be divided into: discrete manufacturing (such as machinery, typical automobile industry), process manufacturing (such as petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy typical industries), and mixed manufacturing industry.

Second, intelligent manufacturing is the first to understand "intelligence".

"Intelligence" is different from "wisdom".


From feel memory to the process of thinking, known as the "wisdom", the result of the wisdom the behavior and language, behavior and language expression of the process known as the "ability", which called the "smart", will go to remember, memory, thinking, feeling, language, behavior of the whole process is called intelligence process, it is a sign of intelligence and ability.

Intelligence and wisdom are not interchangeable because of their connotation.

For intelligent manufacturing, according to our understanding, there is no accurate definition in the world.

In order for unity to be under the existing knowledge understanding, reducing ambiguity, is focused on the work target, through expert discussion, finally, in 2015 the ministry gives a descriptive concept in the relevant documents, namely: intelligent manufacturing is based on a new generation of information technology, through the design, production, management, service and other manufacturing activity each link, has the depth information from perception, intelligence optimization since the function such as decision-making, accurately control the execution of the floorboard of the advanced manufacturing process, system and mode.

With intelligent factory as the carrier, take the key intelligent manufacturing as the core, on the basis of the end-to-end data flow, supported by network interconnection, such as characteristics, which can effectively shorten the product development cycle, reduce operating costs, improve production efficiency, improve product quality, reduce consumption of energy resources.

Although this descriptive definition is not as rigorous as the standard term definition, it is of great significance for the focus force to do relevant work on the basis of existing knowledge.

Germany is put forward and promote industrial 4.0, it is hope that by integrating related resources, through regional, industry, barriers between enterprises, between the depth of information and communication technology applied to traditional manufacturing industry, in order to maintain Germany in the leading position in the global manufacturing in the future;


However, the current situation of China's manufacturing industry is the three stages of "2.0 supplement, 3.0 popularization and 4.0 demonstration".

Although it has become a big manufacturing country, it still faces many problems, such as strong constraints on resource and environment, low product quality, lack of innovation and core competitiveness, and unreasonable industrial structure.

Intelligent manufacturing in our country, therefore, is to realize the intelligent, efficient, high quality manufacturing, collaborative, green and safe development of the overall goals, complete the change from a manufacturing power to manufacturing powerhouse.

Relevant ministries and commissions, including the ministry of industry and information technology, the ministry of science and technology and the national standards committee, have issued a series of measures.

Although in the 11th five-year plan in China, the 12th five-year plan, strategic emerging industries such as policy, advanced manufacturing, two fusion in the important position and to give support and related industry has made significant progress and a large number of technological achievements, also emerged one batch for outstanding achievements in the field of advanced manufacturing enterprises.

China have industry 4.0, not industry 4.0 own China!

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