Questions & Answers

Q1: How to operate  evaporative modular ice machine ?

Just like our home using refrigerator, turn on the power,and connect water supply, then it would be able to make ice. No need for personnel to install and commission on site, fully automatic operation, apply for  environmentally friendly refrigerant to process cooling. Simple and convenient, energy saving and safety.


Q2: What is the difference between evaporative modular ice making and traditional ice maker?

 Traditional ice-making needs to build a factory building, then build a salt water ice pool, a machine room, and purchase refrigeration equipment, ice buckets and other equipment. Need the Installation worker to install and test. it is expected to take 3 months to complete. If it is ammonia refrigeration equipment, it cannot be constructed in the urban area, it needs to be built in the suburbs, and then it is extremely inconvenient to transport the ice to the city. The evaporative modular ice machine can be taken to anywhere. And located in anywhere.


Q3. What is the difference in the quality of ice produced by traditional ice and evaporative modular ice machine?

he biggest difference is that the traditional brine ice will bring poisonous calcium chloride (or sodium chloride) solution into the ice pool when it is deiced, and it will pollute the ice and bring it into the ice. In the food, the Evaporative modular ice maker directly evaporates ice and is as clean and environmentally friendly as the refrigerator without any pollution.Ice temperature by Evaporative modular ice-making machine is -25 ℃,  the salt water ice - 18 , so the Fshaocold ice machine produced is stranger and harder to melt.


Q4:How about the construction investment cost and the operating cost?

The evaporative modular construction investment is 70-80% of the traditional ice production , and the operating cost is the traditional 80-90%.


Q5:What are the main parameters of the evaporative ice machine?

For Example, Each time make ice 2.5 tons (50 pieces), the unit external dimensions: length 4.5 meters * width 2.6 meters * height 2.8 meters; each time ice making 5 tons (100), unit dimensions: length 6.5 meters * width 2.6 meters * 2.8 meters high; once every 12 hours ice, once a day out of ice. Each time the ice is made of 10 tons (200 pieces), the dimensions of the unit are: 10 meters long, 3.0 times wide, and 2.8 meters high; the ice is released once every 12 hours, and the ice can be discharged twice a day. Each ice power consumption is 2.5-3 kWh, and the cost of converting each ice to RMB is 1.5-2.5 RMB. The current market wholesale price is 8-12 RMB


Q5.Where need the ice?

Mainly used for food preservation, process cooling, physical cooling and other purposes, use areas: vegetable market, farmers market, supermarkets, docks, breeding bases, vegetable and fruit bases, coal mines, tunnels, prisons, refrigeration plants, ski resorts (Winter Association), chemical and pharmaceutical companies, etc.

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